Welcome to St. Cybi's Well

Darnell Sidwell had a problem.  Well, two, actually.  One was the onset of an eye disease which threatened to end his career as a shuttle pilot for the Israeli Lunar Transfer, to the so-called New Ma'abarot colonies.  That brought him to Wales, where his sister operated a spiritual healing center Ė a last, absurd hope for a man who didnít believe in miracles.

The other problem was a small matter of a murder.  His.  But he didnít know about that yet.  Just as he didnít know that the whole world was about to be plunged into the fire-flu.

Welcome to St. Cybiís Well, the prequel to the popular novel Communion of Dreams.  It is 2012, a year and reality not unlike our own but neither entirely the same.  Where Communion of Dreams was what you might consider a classic science fiction story (though one with wide appeal outside that genre), St. Cybiís Well is something different.

Or I should say ďwill be something different.Ē  Because I havenít written it yet.  Not even in my head.  Not completely, anyway.  Thatís what I hope to be working on over the next year.  Rest assured, though, that many of the elements which people enjoy about the story of Communion of Dreams will be in place in this new novel, with further explanations and explorations of some of the deeper mysteries of that book.  And more than a few new twists and turns to keep things interesting.

In the meantime, check out Communion of Dreams (for the first time or again), and follow along on my blog and Facebook for news and the occasional tidbit about the writing process.  For those who participated in the Kickstarter project at the appropriate level, there will be regular updates and even advanced parts of the book in process.  The links for all those are there at the left.

St. Cybiís Well.  Coming soon.  Come along for the ride.

--- Jim Downey

Special Announcement:  Following the successful Kickstarter, we we are now accepting advance orders for a very limited edition version of St. Cybi's Well.  The edition is limited to only 101 signed & numbered copies, custom printed and all to be hand-bound by James Downey personally.  Full information is available here.  In addition, a companion edition of Communion of Dreams, limited to only 53 signed & numbered copies, is available here.